Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tomato salad

Well, not really, but I wanted to light a nice red tomato (turned out to be the only available one that was big enough to be interesting, but it had some skin blemishes :-(. In the end I decided not to use Portraiture on it… lucky it wasn’t a “she” or I’d be in trouble!)


(I ditched the borders on these pics, I think they look cleaner this way…).

More pics (lot’s more!) after the jump.

I wanted to get the lighting right on my subject first, and then move on to other matters, such as a better background. My first attempt had pretty dark shadows, so I added some paper reflectors in front to bring up the shadows to what you see above. I started out like this:


(Sorry, wasn’t using a tripod for this one, so the crops are all over the place). Here’s the setup for most of the above pics:


Next up, try to get a better background. I wanted something glossy and black, so I would have some reflection. Since I don’t have black plexiglass, I thought a black trash bag would do… nope!


So I went with a piece of black cloth… hmmm… next!


Finally, I remembered my son has a soccer field rug, and I decided to give it a go. Much better, IMHO!


The only problem with that last one was that the tomato was starting to show signs of wear and tear… which meant salad time!

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