Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lighting 102: Cooking - Revisited


So call me persistent, but since I wasn’t too thrilled with my first attempt, I made a second (and third) try. I liked these ones better, by a long shot!


I cleaned up my background just a bit in Photoshop Elements (I forgot to dust the counter… Oops!). I should have tried for a more uniform background, of course, but hey, you work with what you’ve got. More info, including setup pics, after the jump…

Flash info: two flashes, on camera left, one to add the highlights and another for the reflections. You can see the setup here:


The flash on the stand is a 430 EX II, at 1/16th, shot through a small contraption made of cardboard and some tracing paper. The other flash is a 285 HV, hand held and shot through a bigger piece of tracing paper into the wall and ceiling. Hardly what I would call “easily reproducible”!

I uploaded the test shots over at Flickr. Here’s an alternate version that I also like (different background):


And since I was shooting a wine stopper, might as well take a couple of shots of the corkscrew!



I still think I need a bit more work on this assignment, so there might be another attempt down the road…

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